Hawk Hill Orchids

Specialist growers of Masdevallias and Draculas

Welcome to the Hawk Hill Orchids website.


What's up lately with Hawk Hill?  2015 was a year of big changes, and that was followed by 2016, a year of lots of distractions and learning what the "new normal" is after the changes of 2015.  The "commercial" side of Hawk Hill has never been our main priority in life, and in this last year it has been hard for us to give you customers the attention, up-to-date stock availability, and quick turn-around time that you merit.  We have decided to take a break from marketing for a while until we feel like we have the time and supply of divisions to handle the process again.


You are still welcome to contact us with plant inquiries - if we have something you want we can do our best to supply it.  But we do not want to present a catalog of plants as if everything we grow is availalbe at any given moment.  We are also still available for society raffle table orders, growing advice, and speaking engagements.


Our hope is that at some point down the road this website will be reborn as a more informational resource on growing masdevallias, draculas, and odonts.


You can still contact Gary at gary@hawkhillorchids.com, and he will direct your questions to whoever has the answers.  Gary's other business, www.colombianorchidimports.com, continues to operate on its usual schedule, and you can find a large selection of dracula and masdevallia species there.


The photo gallery from the previous website can be viewed by clicking here.